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INTEGRITY Strategy Management is focused on providing practical strategy management solutions to entrepreneurs and working professionals who are interested in meeting their goals and objectives. It is important to establish a clear and concise business and professional outlook to generate future growth and advancement.

BUSINESS OWNERS: INTEGRITY is here to help entrepreneurs that are in need of an “accountability partner” You have come to a point where your business is in need of proper systems. These systems will establish a greater sense of order and in turn make growing in your business that much easier


Project Management


Brand Messaging

Business Strategy Management

Writing (Formal correspondence, job descriptions , speeches)

WORKING PROFESSIONALS: INTEGRITY recognizes that today’s working professionals may want the ability to advance overtime. As a working professional you too want to know there is an accountability partner for you too. Whether it be figuring out how to transition from one career to another or how to properly reformat your resume or linkedIn profile, INTEGRITY is here to help.


Workforce Transition

LinkedIn Review

Resume Review

Writing (Resumes, Cover letters, Emails)


Looking for assistance? Start by by filling out the below questionnaire (one for Business owners and working professionals). Charlene will review and get back to you for an initial consultation.

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