There is an art in Business

Charlene has always had a passion to be a voice of positive energy. When it comes to business her focus has always been about what is most important and necessary .

By day Charlene is a recruiting professional, specifically for Professional staff and attorneys. For the last seven years her experience has given her the chance to develop in the areas of career advancement and transition, interviewing, and ways to gain access to new job opportunities.

Over the years Charlene developed great interest in all things related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In her current role as a Talent Management Coordinator she is also on D&I committees focused on furthering the importance behind how diversity and inclusion is most beneficial.

Because of her work Charlene has been invited to speak primarily to law students and HR professionals on how to navigate in the legal field and corporate environment.

Outside of work Charlene has always been interested in finding new ways to stretch her intellect. Whether it’s by reading, writing or daily devotion. For Charlene, it’s important to always find new ways to learn.

Currently she is working on establishing a platform for small up and coming business owners as well as working professionals providing them with business strategies to grow their business and advance in their careers.

Charlene is an alum of Springfield College and Massachusetts School of Law at Andover.